• MFHz

    Di Pubblicato il 28-04-17 10:10

    ll progetto "MFHz" nasce a novembre 2013 a Gorizia di musica elettronica suonata dal vivo.
    Questo duo utilizza Synth digitali, batteria e audio processing in tempo reale per dar vita ad un set completamente live che guarda alla Bass Music tipica dei club senza rinunciare ad una sana dose di sperimentazione." 

    We MFHz were born in Gorizia in November 2013, thanks to our passion for electronic music and specifically for dubstep, d'n'b, electro..listening to electronic music in clubs made us wanted to play that same type of music, but live..and so we did it!!
    To free us completely from the idea of deejaying we decided not to use any base tracks, but only acoustic, electric and electronic instruments, a thing which allows us to play without having to worry about structures and misures and bars to respect. The artists we get inspiration from are: Flux Pavilion, Netsky, The Bloody Beetroots, Mark Guiliana beat music, Jojo Mayer and the Nerve, Zeds Dead, Modestep, KnieParty, Caribou, Flume, Cyberpunkers and others.



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